Enjoying the Sport

Around the exact be aware, you can choose to get your own personal five-point crammed as much as continue to keep your opponent in your house board while you hit them. This will not be as complicated should you have a opening roll of three and one or for those who slot a piece down there and do not get hit in your opponents roll. But seeking to do the two with no dropping as well lots of checkers to hits is usually really hard if the dice are certainly not supplying you with what you will need.

Backgammon – The name of the game, as well as a win. This win occurs when a person bears off all chips before the opponent and the opponent has not begun to bear off, and the opponent has a blot on the bar.

Point – In backgammon, you will find twenty-four points. This is not the score by any means; rather, this really is the triangles that represent the spaces. Nevertheless, this can also be utilized in scoring, in terms of how numerous points or wins the game is really worth. For instance, if a person wins a single game, it’s really worth 1 point, “gammon” wins 2 points or perhaps a double game, and Backgammon is really worth 3 points or perhaps a triple game.

Hit – To attack the blot of an opponent, the blot is then placed on the center bar of the board.

Hit and Cover – You not only attack the blot of your opponent, but you also keep moving that same chip, in order to protect the blot you would have otherwise left vulnerable.

While there are many more terms in backgammon terminology, the above are a few of the most commonly used. Before you know it, you will be talking and playing like backgammon professional.

Enjoying the sport will train you ways to win by knowing what you could every time. Enjoying towards improved gamers will train you other strategies to win. But these recommendations could make it a lot easier to problem the subsequent human being you play. And potentially make them wonder just how prolonged you could have been enjoying.

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Holidaying Like a Majesty: Savouring Luxurious Accommodation

Luxurious Accommodation

Did you use to dream about becoming a king or a queen way back your childhood days? If you did, you may want to grab the opportunity to give justice to that longing of yours. How? Simply by spending your holidays exploring the Scottish castles in the United Kingdom.

Scotland is home to an approximate of 3,000 castles, which had earned it a spot in the list of a fascinating destinations in the world. These former royal fortresses are still proudly standing these days and have managed to retain their original medieval charm.


With the sheer beauty and architectural grandeur of these Scotland castles, a traveller like you may take this chance to give life to your fantasies of becoming a royal highness. Simply wandering around their surroundings can already give you quite a wild imagination.


Aside from that, this is also a good opportunity for you to learn a lot about the lives of the great leaders of this nation during their respective reign. Also, you can also check out the long list of other attractions sprawling around the UK.


But before you get carried away, you have to remind yourself of your travel essentials. You would not be able to enjoy your trip if the requisites will not be ironed out beforehand. And one of these is none other than your accommodation.


Given that this is your first time to visit the country, you are most probably planning to go around a lot. And if you prefer a tropical holiday lodging that can give you the best amenities and facilities ideal for a king or queen, a wonderful pick would be the Lanzarote luxury villas.


So what can these types of accommodation offer a valued tourist like you?


Varied Architectural Designs

Luxury villas can range from traditionally inspired structures to highly modernised hospitality venues. If you prefer the former, you may get your hands on several antique pieces and other historical jewels. Otherwise, if you go for the latter, then top-of-the-line amenities will await.


Spectacular Locations

Many of these villas are situated in places that are surrounded with natural scenery. They may be near the beaches, rainforests, and the likes. So, if you are also a nature buff, you will have all the chances to savour various picturesque spots and ecological riches.


Great Food

Most luxury villas also hire the services of competitive and well-experienced chefs. Thus, you can indeed look forward to impressive menus. Some villas would even give you the chance to request specific dishes and they will have their culinary crew prepare it for you.


So, are you now convinced? If so, then delay your majestic holiday no more and give yourself the opportunity to live your dream of becoming a king or a queen.

Scottish Castle Appreciation as a Travel Itinerary

Going for nature trips is the usual agenda of most travelers nowadays. And if you are planning such an activity for your family’s vacation, which will be happening several months from now, you have to reconsider that idea, especially if you have been doing this undertaking for quite a long time now. A fresh suggestion you can try is visiting Scotland to see the country’s extravagantly and beautifully made castles.


This country is a vast and culturally rich nation, and it would be such a waste if you will not see those magnificent architectural wonders the region is boasting of. But, of course, you have to take into account the transportation expenses you will be incurring when you intend to visit most or all of the royal homes in the said area. Commuting is totally not an option assuming you are on a tight budget since most transport options there charge high rates. One great solution is to hire a campervan that you found through Drive Now, exclusive for your family’s vacation. Just make sure that you lease the right vehicle that can cater to your needs, budget, and mileage standards.


And to make the palace sightseeing and appreciation more meaningful for you and your kids, here are some tips.


  1. Join a tour group

You will not be able to relate with the spirit of a certain castle if you do not know its background. Although researching the edifice’s information in advance may help, it is still better to be with a professional who can explain to you the underlying meaning of each relic or room you encounter in the place. Also, you will be educated on the architectural design and the remarkable features the structure has.


  1. Visit the gardens

One of the common sections of most royal residences are the front yards that are not just well-maintained, but are also grand. These patches of green are usually many kilometres wide and are managed by trustees, who plan various commercial outdoor activities in order to attract crowds every day.


  1. Wear some costumes

Some of these palace’s tourism offices offer an activity in which they allow their guests to put on gowns, headdresses, and other apparel. The aim of such a gimmick is to further enhance the visitor’s personal experience. So, if you get to a castle that provides such an opportunity, then avail of it once and for all.


Indeed, viewing places from afar is really different when you get a closer view of them. The latter is even more preferable since it seems you get to experience a certain time in the rich history of the UK. With all the tips mentioned above, you will find the escapade fun, memorable, and worth it. Enjoy your trip!

Interview Etiquette on the Go!

Much has been written about interview etiquette and hopefully, you have read many of the available articles and literature but…will this topic ever become irrelevant. Personally, I do not think so. At this time, there may be an increased need to pay attention to those “winning ways” which may give you a competitive edge during the interview process. Perhaps one approach could be to think about interview behaviors as falling within the green, amber and red stoplight system.

Our customary “green light” items include being on time, appropriate attire and grooming, and an up to date copy of your resume! Missing resume items such as current employment status may cause confusion. Be prepared to be fluent in the discussion of your career progression, achievements, and exposure.

Amber light items may include asking questions about salary and benefits during the first interview. In a number of instances, the interview process may have a preliminary interview to be followed by a second interview. When invited to ask questions by the interviewer, if the first question posed is “Well what does this job pay” though you have a right to know …eventually, the first interview may not be the right time to ask (unless invited or cued to do so). The possibility exists that an emphasis on salary and benefits may appear to overshadow equally relevant information such as the scope of the position, what the employer expects of you or the need for further information about the nature of the organization.

Red light items are those you are encouraged to avoid at all costs. Amongst the red light items are the following:

  1. Asking, Did I get the job. Apart from being outside of the expectations of interview protocol, interviews allow interviewers to make assessments of a number of potential candidates. If the selection process is incomplete, the interviewer may not be in a position to respond to how well you have compared with candidates yet to be seen Asking for the job is encouraged in some cultural environments and considered appropriately assertive. You are encouraged to take the cultural context into account.
  2. There may be occasions when a job search is not related to a need for upward mobility, a desire for a career change or other reasons arising while gainfully employed. In some cases, the job search is related to unemployment  status, which may have been the case for a while and is causing stress of an emotional or financial nature. Interviewers understand and empathize. Expressing how badly you need the job, though earnest and honest may not however be to your advantage. Desperation expressed, may not be an attractive quality to a prospective employer and may lead to considerations about levels of self-control or context appropriate speech if hired.

My Indie Game creation(s)-2

Game Update:

Just finished the opening scene of the first RPG game I am creating. Now I have absolutely no game dev background so I am learning as I go. At the moment I am using stock sprites (but personalized with the sprite generator that s built in the engine) as well as stock tiles. However, I am learning how to create my own so the end product should be my own art. Since its still in development and early stage, things are very much subject to change. Especially if I learn some new tricks~

I’ll be taking a video of the opening scene. I very much welcome constructive criticism (so please refrain from being a trollolol). I honestly can’t wait til I draw and put them in my game, I just need to get a stylus since I do digital art.

🙂 I’m excited hahah.

So this is a sketch of my protagonist, after I do her digital coloring I’ll have her in the game soon. It’s quite hard without a stylus though and with my mouse D: She’s very much subject to change though especially her clothes. I’m still not sure how I want the world to be like so her clothes are in pending. And she aint gna be posted here nakie either ;P (sorry boys and gals)

Her name is Z short for Zephyria =) Can’t wait till I finish digitally coloring her and have her mugshot in the game. You may notice she looks like the protagonist on the screenshots of the game. I used the character generator of the engine to make her look as close as this sketch as possible. But yeah, when I finish coloring her, it’ll be my drawing on there instead =)


Inside the shop. I’m still adding more things to it.

My first shop I think it’s too short @_@



My Indie Game creation(s)

Races (continuation):

Sacradi ESacradaeis:

Cousin of the Ancient Dragons, they evolved to be more humanoid and formed societies and kingdoms. Unlike the Ancient Dragons who can be their respective elements, they can only manipulate the elements they are born with as well as have immunity. They practice the tradition of blood bonding which is the highest form of trust and also serves as a “waker Efor those who suffer Mudala which is when they transform into their “dark Eform. Still humanoid but they grow curling horns, their body is mostly covered in feather, the sclera black as tar, fangs shoot out, their hands turn into claws as well as their feet. At this stage they are closer to the dragons that predates the Ancient Dragons. Those dragons were “barbaric Erunning purely on basal instincts and very much enjoyed being the predator. To be in Mudala is a disgrace because their culture is based on controlling oneself and not letting the power they were born with rule their whole mind. There’s more about these people, but I kinda want you guys to find out ingame.

There will be more creatures, I’m still writing their background =) I’ll post more when I finish.

That’s it for now. I have absolutely no game developing background but I really love the RPGs back in the day. Or as my friend called it, “The Golden Age of RPGs Ewhich is when final fantasy, legend of legaia, lunar, chorno trigger, chorno cross, etc. were all popping up. I terribly miss rpgs like those because I really feel like presently we’re lacking in them. I’m hoping I can bring it back to you guys. I’m probably also going to be slower than other devs because I’m still learning and applying. I’m also doing the artwork on my own which can be time consuming xD. =) I’m excited!

Game Update

Finally got my tablet and digitally drew/painted my protagonist. Testing her ingame as you can see in the pic below. I already got couple people asking to be npcs 🙂 hahah so cute <3. I also already have the battle system setup and there will be chaining~ I will give more details later, I am still trying to balance things out too.

It might be a subtle thing, but choosing which one to put into the game can make a difference in terms of the players connection with the character. The Left picture, I would be able to show her have hand gestures. Prettier if ever, but then there is all these details, while the right one will have the player really focus on the emotion that the face is portraying. Subtle things can make an impact =o

Blogger’s Choice: Painters Guild Review

Concerning the previous question, what has changed? (Concerning motivation). It is just so people understand better as well as realize that sometimes this does happen to developers.

-I lost a lot of motivation due to personal issues. Still making daily progress, just not nearly as much as before. Since I am a solo developer, what happens in my life affects the game a lot. I agree that finishing games is extremely important. Easier said than done, of course.

Were you already experienced in the game dev field prior to making this game?

-I am somewhat experienced in making my own games, no industry experience. I started in the end of 2012 with Avant-Garde, another game about art history which was a university project. As with most first projects I was overambitious and have yet to finish it. Then I went on to make over 10 games, most for game jams, through which I learned how to scope my projects and finish games.

Are there any other future plans you wish to implement in the game that has not been stated on the website?

– Probably not, I tried to put my best, craziest ideas on the website to get people excited about the game. I guess one plan hasn’t been stated because it is rather grim: the plan to make sure some of those plans never become reality, because finishing games entails cutting planned features.

What do you wish to bring to the players with Guild of Painters?

-I want to give players a playground. A playground built in 1450 with paintings, canvases, artists and history. I want players to create their own narratives and use the game as a catalyst to their imagination. It is about having fun with history, playing with things that never happened but that could’ve happened. But they only happen because of the player. It is a subjective experience inside historically inspired systems.

Any advice to those budding indie devs who also wish to make games based off things they love about?

-Make games and finish them. You do not need anything; not money, not a computer, not prior knowledge, not even advice.