Blogger’s Choice: Painters Guild Review

Concerning the previous question, what has changed? (Concerning motivation). It is just so people understand better as well as realize that sometimes this does happen to developers.

-I lost a lot of motivation due to personal issues. Still making daily progress, just not nearly as much as before. Since I am a solo developer, what happens in my life affects the game a lot. I agree that finishing games is extremely important. Easier said than done, of course.

Were you already experienced in the game dev field prior to making this game?

-I am somewhat experienced in making my own games, no industry experience. I started in the end of 2012 with Avant-Garde, another game about art history which was a university project. As with most first projects I was overambitious and have yet to finish it. Then I went on to make over 10 games, most for game jams, through which I learned how to scope my projects and finish games.

Are there any other future plans you wish to implement in the game that has not been stated on the website?

– Probably not, I tried to put my best, craziest ideas on the website to get people excited about the game. I guess one plan hasn’t been stated because it is rather grim: the plan to make sure some of those plans never become reality, because finishing games entails cutting planned features.

What do you wish to bring to the players with Guild of Painters?

-I want to give players a playground. A playground built in 1450 with paintings, canvases, artists and history. I want players to create their own narratives and use the game as a catalyst to their imagination. It is about having fun with history, playing with things that never happened but that could’ve happened. But they only happen because of the player. It is a subjective experience inside historically inspired systems.

Any advice to those budding indie devs who also wish to make games based off things they love about?

-Make games and finish them. You do not need anything; not money, not a computer, not prior knowledge, not even advice.