My Indie Game creation(s)-2

Game Update:

Just finished the opening scene of the first RPG game I am creating. Now I have absolutely no game dev background so I am learning as I go. At the moment I am using stock sprites (but personalized with the sprite generator that s built in the engine) as well as stock tiles. However, I am learning how to create my own so the end product should be my own art. Since its still in development and early stage, things are very much subject to change. Especially if I learn some new tricks~

I’ll be taking a video of the opening scene. I very much welcome constructive criticism (so please refrain from being a trollolol). I honestly can’t wait til I draw and put them in my game, I just need to get a stylus since I do digital art.

🙂 I’m excited hahah.

So this is a sketch of my protagonist, after I do her digital coloring I’ll have her in the game soon. It’s quite hard without a stylus though and with my mouse D: She’s very much subject to change though especially her clothes. I’m still not sure how I want the world to be like so her clothes are in pending. And she aint gna be posted here nakie either ;P (sorry boys and gals)

Her name is Z short for Zephyria =) Can’t wait till I finish digitally coloring her and have her mugshot in the game. You may notice she looks like the protagonist on the screenshots of the game. I used the character generator of the engine to make her look as close as this sketch as possible. But yeah, when I finish coloring her, it’ll be my drawing on there instead =)


Inside the shop. I’m still adding more things to it.

My first shop I think it’s too short @_@