My Indie Game creation(s)

Races (continuation):

Sacradi ESacradaeis:

Cousin of the Ancient Dragons, they evolved to be more humanoid and formed societies and kingdoms. Unlike the Ancient Dragons who can be their respective elements, they can only manipulate the elements they are born with as well as have immunity. They practice the tradition of blood bonding which is the highest form of trust and also serves as a “waker Efor those who suffer Mudala which is when they transform into their “dark Eform. Still humanoid but they grow curling horns, their body is mostly covered in feather, the sclera black as tar, fangs shoot out, their hands turn into claws as well as their feet. At this stage they are closer to the dragons that predates the Ancient Dragons. Those dragons were “barbaric Erunning purely on basal instincts and very much enjoyed being the predator. To be in Mudala is a disgrace because their culture is based on controlling oneself and not letting the power they were born with rule their whole mind. There’s more about these people, but I kinda want you guys to find out ingame.

There will be more creatures, I’m still writing their background =) I’ll post more when I finish.

That’s it for now. I have absolutely no game developing background but I really love the RPGs back in the day. Or as my friend called it, “The Golden Age of RPGs Ewhich is when final fantasy, legend of legaia, lunar, chorno trigger, chorno cross, etc. were all popping up. I terribly miss rpgs like those because I really feel like presently we’re lacking in them. I’m hoping I can bring it back to you guys. I’m probably also going to be slower than other devs because I’m still learning and applying. I’m also doing the artwork on my own which can be time consuming xD. =) I’m excited!

Game Update

Finally got my tablet and digitally drew/painted my protagonist. Testing her ingame as you can see in the pic below. I already got couple people asking to be npcs 🙂 hahah so cute <3. I also already have the battle system setup and there will be chaining~ I will give more details later, I am still trying to balance things out too.

It might be a subtle thing, but choosing which one to put into the game can make a difference in terms of the players connection with the character. The Left picture, I would be able to show her have hand gestures. Prettier if ever, but then there is all these details, while the right one will have the player really focus on the emotion that the face is portraying. Subtle things can make an impact =o